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Complex thin films / Pulsed laser deposistion (PLD)

Prof. Dr.
Hans-Ulrich Krebs

Group leader
room: D 02.120
phone: +49 551 39-9642
email: krebs

M.Sci. Christian Eberl
PhD student
room: D 02.119
phone: +49 551 39-4577
email: ceberl

M.Sci. Florian Döring
PhD student
room: D 02.121
phone: +49 551 39-22136
email: fdoering

B.Sci. Arne Dittrich
Master student
room: D 02.121
phone: +49 551 39-22136
email: adittrich

B.Sci. Bea Jaquet
Master student
room: D 02.121
phone: +49 551 39-22136
email: bea.jaquet

B.Sci. Christina Klamt
Master student
room: D 02.119
phone: +49 551 39-4577
email: christina.klamt

cand.MatWis. Leonie Buntrock
Bachelor student
room: D 02.121
phone: +49 551 39-22136
email: leonie.buntrock


M.Sci. Anna Major
Characterization of W/ZrO2 layer systems for phonon blocking (Master thesis 2015)

B.Sci. Sinja Pagel
Characterization of laser deposited polycarbonate thin films (Bachelor thesis 2014)

Dr. Susanne Schlenkrich
Stress induced wave formation in laser deposited polymer/metal systems (PhD thesis 2014)

Dr. Felix Schlenkrich
Influencing of the metal growth on polymer by pulsed laser deposition (PhD thesis 2014)

M.Sci Anja Westphal
Stress induced wrinkling in laser deposited PMMA/Pd bilayers (Master thesis 2013)
Dr. Tobias Liese
Growth and interface roughness of laser deposited MgO/Ti- and ZrO2/Ti-multilayer systems(Diploma thesis 2008),
Multilayer based transmission optics for x-ray microscopy (PhD thesis 2012)
M. Sci. Sara-Lisa Jäckle
Silizium Nanopartikel und ihre Anwendungen als lösungsprozessierte Halbleiterschichten (Master thesis 2012)
Dipl. Phys. Sarah Hoffmann
Study of periodic ZrO2 multilayers with respect to their structural properties and thermal stability (Diploma thesis 2012)
Dipl. Phys. Benedikt Ernst
Characterization of different thin films using ellipsometry (Diploma thesis 2012)
B. Sci. Stephanie Demuth
Characterization of wave formation in laser deposited polymer-metal thin films (Bachelor thesis 2012)
Dr. Frank Barkusky
Formation of intense EUV - radiation and its interaction with materials (PhD thesis 2010)
Dr. Andreas Meschede
Growth and properties of laser deposited MgO/Fe and Ti-Sc/Fe-Cr multialyers (Diploma thesis 2004), Study of the polymer dynamics in laser deposited Poly(alkyl methacrylate) thin films (PhD Thesis 2010)
Dr. Britta Fuchs
Dependence of the laser fluence on the properties of laser deposited Poly(methyl methacrylate) films and composite materials (Diploma thesis 2006), Characterization and modification of smooth laser deposited Poly(methyl methacrylat) thin films (PhD Thesis 2010)

B. Sc. Dirk Fetzer
Homogenization of the layer thickness of laser deposited films (Bachelor Thesis 2009)

B. Sc. Regina Nowak
Influence of an alloy addition on the growth of Cu on Si (Bachelor thesis 2009)

Dr. Sebastian Dreyer
Postdoc after his PhD in the group of Christian Jooss

Dr. Thorsten Scharf
Mechanical stress and structure of laser deposited metallic thin films in dependence on the particle energy (Diploma thesis 2001), Deposition mechanisms, structure and mechanical properties of laser deposited Poly(methyl-methacrylate) thin films (PhD thesis 2006)

Dr. Erik Süske
Laser deposition of polymer-metal thin films (Diploma thesis 2001), Characteristic properties of laser deposited poly(methyl-methacrylat) thin films (PhD thesis 2005)

Dr. Jörg Faupel
Magnetoresistive and structural properties of laser deposited Ni80Fe20/Ag multilayers (Diploma thesis 2001),
Growth of metallic nanoclusters on polymer surfaces (PhD thesis 2005)

Dr. Christian Fuhse
Structure and interface roughness of laser deposited metal/ceramics multilayers (Diploma thesis 2002)

Dr. Martin Weisheit
Investigations of the growth of laser deposited metallic thin films using in-situ resistance measurements (Diploma thesis 1998), Roughness and interface intermixing of laser deposited Cu-Ag and Fe-Ag multilayer systems (PhD thesis 2002)

Dr. Kai Sturm
Preparation of ferroelectric thin films by pulsed laser deposition and their characterization (Diploma thesis 1996), Influence of an Ar-atmosphere on the pulsed laser deposition of metallic thin films (PhD thesis 2000)

Dr. Sören Kahl
Influence of the substrate temperature on the properties of laser deposited metallic systems (Diploma thesis 1999)

Dr. Jens Winkler
Interface mixing and formation of metastable phases in laser deposited multilayers (Diploma thesis 1999)

Dr. Sebastian Fähler
Laser ablation and deposition of metals: Investigations of the process(Diploma thesis 1994), Influence of the kinetic energy of the ions on the growth of laser deposited metallic systems and multilayers: Investigations using time-of-flight measurements and RHEED/THEED (PhD thesis 1998)

Dr. Michael Störmer
Structure investigations of laser deposited metallic alloys (Diploma thesis 1995), Structure, microstructure and inner stress of laser deposited metallic alloys (PhD thesis 1998)

Dipl. Phys. Marco Hamp
Characterization of laser deposited Cu-Co und Fe-Zr thin films and multilayers (Diploma thesis 1997)
- works now for t-mobile

Dr. Frank Mattheis
Growth and superconducting properties of laser deposited YBaCuO thin films on Zr (Diploma thesis 1992), Growth of stoichiometric and Cu- or Y-rich high-temperature superconducting Y-Ba-Cu-O thin films (PhD thesis 1995)

Dr. Sibylle Sievers
Study of the growth of laser ablated YBaCuO thick films(Diploma thesis 1994)

Dr. Olaf Bremert
Structure investigations on Fe-doped YBaCuO- and BiSrCaCuO-HTSL (Diploma thesis 1989), Amorphisation reaction in sputtered and laser deposited Fe-Nb thin films (PhD thesis 1993)